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There ARE periods where I don't post anything for a long time, but that doesn't mean I'm done with quilling! I'll post again. Eventually.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

DIY medicine bobby pin container

Hey everyone! Is anyone else obsessed with Pinterest? I've always been a crafty gal. You probably already know that though! Usually I use quilling as my creative outlet. But looking at Pinterest... There are so many other ideas for things that are useful! 

I have a lot of bobby pins. Like, A LOT. I have to put my hair up for work, and I usually use two to put my hair up since my hair is short. Technically it's the summer and it's long right now for ponytails, but the point is I use lots of bobby pins. It's so easy to lose them, right? 

Well, when I was cleaning up the cabinet, I thought to put some bobby pins in an old medicine container. It's free and it works. It isn't pretty. So looking on Pinterest got me inspired to morph my container into a cuter holder :). Not sure what else it could be good for, any suggestions?

Objects needed:

-scissors and preferably a razor cutter.
-scrapbook/printed paper
-doubtless sided tape or photo slits
-old medicine container (preferably the kind you push down on the side instead of the top. You couldn't put anything on top if that was the case, and it's harder to open).
-findings/quilling do-dad

This is pretty straight forward. First you measure how tall the medicine container is. Mine was about seven centimeters. Then mark that length on the paper and cut it nice and straight.

Start putting on the tape or photo slits. I started with just a few slits and started to put it on the container so that I know it's straight. Then keep adding them until you get to the opening part thing jutting out. You just cut down a little bit on each side of the paper between the thing (what is that even called?). Fold it a bit so it's easier to cut, and snip it off. Finish taping the paper on.

Then take off the lid and trace it on your paper. I chose a different paper, but if you put something on it, I guess that isn't necessary.

Cut it out, and Use more tape or photo slits to put it on the top. Mine isn't perfect, but that's not such a big deal.

Now you can be done if you want. It's looking cuter already! 

I have an amazing amount of crafty things, so I found a few things to put on the top. You wouldn't want it on its sides since you have to hold onto the side to open it. But not the top. I found some flowers and cord. I have a sticker maker which was a good adhesive for the cord around the top. You probably don't have that, in which case hot glue, done carefully, would probably work as well.

I used more photo slits to adhere the flowers on the top. You could quill something for the top if you'd like. 1/16 inch strips would probably look best (I usually just cut strips in half with precision scissors instead of buying narrow strips). Or maybe you're crafty in some other way. Anything would look cool on the top :).

If anyone does this, I'd like to see what you've created :).

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  1. Your covered bobby pin container is very clever and your tutorial is great. I re-use the same containers to hold my quilling coils/shapes, but I don't cover them so I can see what's inside.