What is this blog?

This blog is about my crafts as I'm sure it's obvious, but rather specifically I post about my quilling. I suppose I didn't include quilling in the title simply because that would limit what I could put in this blog. In other words, 99% of this is in fact quilling.

There ARE periods where I don't post anything for a long time, but that doesn't mean I'm done with quilling! I'll post again. Eventually.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bright love birds quilled card.

Hey guys, I'm here with a new card I made!  I made it for my grandma since she had MINOR shoulder surgery today.
I wanted to quill a bird, so I looked it up on images so I could quill over it.  I found two adorable lovebirds and printed it out.  I put the quilling on some old cork (I need new cork-my grandma gave me hers from when she was young).  It, like, sheds brown dust..Anyway, I was obsessing over having the quilling stick right in all the right places, so I put on so many straight pins in it...there was more on the yellow bird, but I moved them to the other bird as I quilled.
Also, I did do some similar color schemes from the image, but I also changed up the colors too.

This is the finished version.  I figured it needed a little spice, so I cut it diagonally, added a few strips of paper to the edges, and some dots of glitter glue!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

3D quilled Lorax!

Hey everyone, surely you all know who Dr. Suess is?  Well, I used to love it as a kid so I decided to quill The Lorax.  Isn't he adorable?  "I speak for the trees."  How can you not love little Lorax for caring?

Book version:
My quilled version:
My sister helped me with the drawing parts, but I cut out the eyes.  They're extremely little, but it actually wasn't that bad!  Notice the little black hairs at the top of his head?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Renaissance Lady Scene

Hey everyone!  I haven't posted anything in so long...Well, I finally got done with something!  I started this like 8 months ago, and finally finished it today!  And yes, there were many breaks in there.