What is this blog?

This blog is about my crafts as I'm sure it's obvious, but rather specifically I post about my quilling. I suppose I didn't include quilling in the title simply because that would limit what I could put in this blog. In other words, 99% of this is in fact quilling.

There ARE periods where I don't post anything for a long time, but that doesn't mean I'm done with quilling! I'll post again. Eventually.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quilled ornaments: a snowflake and 3D star...thing

Hey all!  I'm finally back with some new quilling! :)

Yesterday, I really felt like quilling something, so a quilled snowflake that I cold use as an ornament came to mind.  As I had no idea where to start, I searched for some quilled snowflakes and printed out my favorite.  In no way did I copy it, I just used it as a guide.  Here is the result.

After having fun with that, I looked at the ornaments on my tree for inspiration.  There was this one 3D star one that got me thinking.  So I used 1/16 inch wide strips and came up with this.  It had a little gem at the bottom, so I made that and put white quilled rings on every part that needed thread: or fishing line, to be more precise.  I glitter-fied it up, because hel-lo, stars are glittery!  I used quite a bit of glitter.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


  1. I can't find out how to send you a message, so I'll write this as a post. A quick question about your panda painting. Do you want it done in oils or acrylics? Oils will take more time, maybe a month, just because it takes FOREVER to dry. But (to me personally) looks more amazing because colors are able to blend so much easier. And my oils are more vibrant in color too, which would make the sunset AMAZING