What is this blog?

This blog is about my crafts as I'm sure it's obvious, but rather specifically I post about my quilling. I suppose I didn't include quilling in the title simply because that would limit what I could put in this blog. In other words, 99% of this is in fact quilling.

There ARE periods where I don't post anything for a long time, but that doesn't mean I'm done with quilling! I'll post again. Eventually.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Desserts in Paradise

I have been gone a week in Mexico on vacation, so that is why I called this post "desserts in paradise".  We got so much delicious, "free" food.

Well, I have been in the process, for a while now, of making this epic quilling scene (I've decided I love making those now, after my Easter one).  I took a break from that because today (that's right-TO-DAY) I saw the new challenge in the Quill Pill blog (I follow this blog, you can find a link if you'd like to see it on the top right by the blogs I follow), and I liked it a lot this time!  Usually it's to make a card with something on it, but I prefer to do my 3D quilling!  This time, the theme was more "generic"-allowing me to quill something sweet, and "put" it on anything.  Of course with mine, I didn't put it on anything!  It's 100% quilling paper!

So in just a few hours, I threw this together.  I initially was just going to make the ice cream, but I decided to add more to it since it didn't take that long!  Everything about the ice cream part is "obvious", but for the chocolate syrup I took a VERY thin strip (that I cut very thin-less than 1/16 of an inch.  Yes, I have a knack for cutting), and twirled it around to make it thinner.  Then I kinda twirled it in a funny way and put glue on it from a thin layer on my scrap sheet.  I did a similar thing with the fork.

As for the cake, I took 1/16 inch strips (the white part) and twirled it around a tooth pick and made it tighter.  The chocolate part is even smaller than that, but the same thing.  And yes, I cut it to make those strips smaller.

And as for the placemat...each new color was a different stip!  I dare you to count how many I used for that, LOL.


  1. WOW you did a fantastic job, it looks so yummie!

  2. so sweeeet .lovely.Good luck in the challenge.

  3. It is sooooooo Yummmy.. Loved the cherry..:)Thank you for participating in the Take a Quill Pill challenge!

  4. Your work is beautiful.. I entered the challenge too but I am not as good as you.. love your 3D work...

  5. Thanks guys so much! This contest will be so fun :).

    @Crafterkhush, how long have you been quilling, just curious. I have been doing it on and off for, gosh, 4 or 5 years I guess? When I DO quill, I quill for a long time often. It helps to have small, steady hands. It all comes with practice! And most of all, time.

  6. CONGRATS Rachelle .for winning the contest .i ve already given my wishes there.
    keep crafting.